Dear Mr. Jackson,
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for your services. My son Ronald has benefited a great deal from your tutorial services in such a short period of time. His confidence level in writing has increased and has starting to enjoy reading a little more. I am looking forward to your continued support and my son’s continued success.
Kind Regards,
Ashley Whitfield, MSA

Kudos to Educational Consultant, Damion Jackson! He professionally and fearlessly accepted the challenge of taking on my son, Devin Holmes. Devinson is a deaf senior and football player, who aspired and was determined to become accepted at Gallaudet University (a private university for the deaf and hard of hearing I’m Washington DC). Prior to Mr Jackson, my son had been tutored for almost a year to improve his math score on the SAT; in which he did improve significantly over time. However, his reading and language arts scores were holding him back from attaining the minimal acceptance score of 800. Devin had taken the SAT 3 times by the time he began with Mr Jackson. Although, his GPA averaged around a 3.5 — with ASL (American Sign Language) being his first language — presented a huge challenge. Hearing people do not realize the advantages we have from hearing and speaking that allows us to master the language arts. Deaf and hard of hearing people miss certain language cues because of their hearing loss. My son is profoundly deaf, which means his hearing loss prevents him from hearing speech. With the assistance of an interpreter, Mr Jackson effectively taught my son how to strategize on a test such as the SAT. What makes Mr Jackson’s expertise even more exceptional is that he tutored my son within one month before he took the SAT again; in which his ultimate score increased to 820! We are forever grateful for his assistance in helping Devin get accepted to his one and only college of choice!
-Gail Holmes

My name is Devin Holmes. I am thankful for Mr. Jackson, who helped me improve my SAT score. I’m really grateful for his support for me through this situation. He taught me helpful strategies that helped me approach the test and questions in Reading/Writing and Grammar that would lead to success. I have gained experience from a good teacher that will help me in future academic situations. I also appreciate Carin Poole, who interpreted for me. Mr Jackson’s collaboration with her enhanced my knowledge and experience as a deaf student. I am forever grateful to Mr Jackson’s support and patience  with me. He helped me improve my SAT score by 110 points. Now, I have been accepted to Gallaudet University. 
-Devin Holmes

Mr. Jackson,
Thank you for working with our son, Camden, to improve his SAT score by 130 points after a 6 week session with you…very impressive results with your program! Camden really connected with your methods of preparation for the SAT and your work with him is greatly appreciated!
-The Witucki Family

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