Damion J. Jackson Educational Consultant Services
1. How much is it for your test prep course?

2. Does this have to be paid all at once?
A. No 50% down will get you started.

3. What results have your company seen with your services?
A. Students who have come through our program have increased their scores ranging from 100 to 120 points on the SAT and averaging a 2-5 point increase on the ACT.

4. Do you have a website presence?
A. Yes – www.jacksondj72edservices.com

5. How can we get in contact with you?
A. Website, email: jacksondj72@gmail.com, phone: 248.289.0511

6. What other services do you offer?
A. Professional Development Training for school districts throughout the tri-county areas, motivational speaking opportunities as well.

7. Is there a textbook required?
A. Yes

8. How much does regular tutoring sessions cost?
A. We offer package pricing.

9. Do you offer online services for Professional Development and Educational Supplemental Services?
A. Yes via Zoom